I’ve discovered the coffee shop of my dreams: Joe Bar on Capitol Hill (Thanks Lorraine). Positioned on Roy Street in a quaint brick building with huge alders lining the sidewalk, Joe Bar is the closest thing I’ve found to that great, small but bustling, bohemian refuge. I don’t venture to Capitol Hill very often which is probably why I’m behind the times on this amazing little spot, but today I’m sitting here enjoying the beautiful, comfortable, crisp weather of early autumn. I love autumn, it’s my favorite season. But, because of a pretty disappointing summer I almost wasn’t able to appreciate it the way it deserves. I believe the joy of autumn is entirely proportional to the joy of summer. Without that last good push of warm weather we had in early September, I fear that the crispness of Autumn would have dampened my spirit instead of refresh it, which is exactly what it’s doing now, just like it does every year. Perhaps it’s the upcoming High Holidays that always encourage new starts, or the reminder of a new school year. Whatever it is, I’m thankful because I’m tired of my rut and need to jump-start some creativity.

I don’t actually have any projects to share at the moment because the few things I am working on (my kitchen, design, creative writing and other little things) are all in the works but not finished (the puppy is a huge distraction). Instead, I’d like to share some of the websites that have absorbed my time and get my creative juices flowing. I’m especially in love with the first two which I get lost in on a daily basis now. The others I’ve discovered through other avenues and hope you enjoy one or all.

Have Fun!


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