Bundles of Babies

I’ve lost count of how many of my friends are having babies this year. Up ’til now, there has maybe only been a kid here and there. Not bad for one’s twenties, but I’m now 32 and even before 2012 hit, EVERYONE decided it was time to reproduce (four close friends, one family member, and numerous Facebook friends from high school and college). Of course, congratulations to everyone. I am truly excited for the new adventure all of you are embarking on. And I have to say, I’m also excited to be crazy aunt Misty to some of your kids. One of my favorite podcasts, Pop Culture Happy Hour (if you haven’ heard of it, check it out on NPR. So much fun and a great place to be exposed to a variety of great books, music, movies and more.) just yesterday had an episode inspired by my exact predicament. They discussed all the things you should expose your kids to (or your friends’ kids to) to make them well rounded human beings. They covered tons of stuff I enjoyed from my childhood but had totally forgotten about until now. Things like the classic instrumental Peter and the Wolf; Tom Lehrer’s, The Element Song; School House Rocks; The Muppets and the thing that tickled my fancy the most; one of my favorite book series as a kid, Something Queer is Going On by Elizabeth Levy. I loved those books! These were all things the podcast covered, but I have a just a few more of my own: Free to Be You and Me (Target had a commercial not too long ago where they used the Free to Be You and Me song and it totally freaked me out); also, a completely obscure tape that probably no one has heard of unless we had the same Jewish Aunt: The Marvelous Middos Machine. Nevermind. only my cousins understand.

The baby boom also fell in line nicely with my new hobby, crocheting. I talked a little about this in my last post and I’m happy to say the craft has stuck. I’ve finished baby blanket number two for good friends Nick and Kristen (see photos below), and have already started on number three for friends, Jen and Luke. I’m now disappointed I didn’t get a picture of blanket number one which I made for another good friend, Aynsley. That’s ok though because this weekend I was finally able to meet her daughter, Eliza Flynn for the first. Aynsley, with her husband Gary, are in town from New York for a few days and it was so nice getting to see them and catch up in a fun and loving atmosphere (brunch at her dad’s house). Eliza is beautiful and it was a great afternoon.

Elle Lipsky's new baby blanket which she has yet to receive because I have yet to mail it 😉

In addition to baby blankets, for book club a couple weeks ago I made some Hawaiian sweet bread, in theme with the chosen book, Moloka’i by Alan Brennert. I practically did a dance when I took it out of the oven, it was so pretty. And, I had been so sure that I had totally screwed it up. But I didn’t. It was perfect. Though, not my first time making yeast bread, it is my first time in over a decade making a yeast bread that looked and tasted like the picture makes you want to believe it will look and taste. And all without a bread machine or mixer. I don’t want to sound like I’m bragging, but my process wasn’t nearly by the book and I expected the worst. First, my yeast sat way too long because it took the potatoes forever to boil (mashed potatoes were one of the ingredients), then there was a period near the end of the process, after the dough was starting to get firm, that I forgot to add the butter. The butter! you can’t screw it up more than that, can you? I don’t know? It’s been a decade since I’ve made bread… successfully. Anyway, I added that in the kneading process which I think worked because of above statements. Anyway, Below you will find a picture of my amazing bread loaf and a link to the recipe.