Creativity for Creativity’s Sake?

When I started this blog, I wanted to document all of the different creative things I do. Now, I admit that I’ve not been nearly as active on here as I’d like (*cough* hardly at all), but that is not the the purpose of this particular post. The question that occurred to me the other day was “Am I now trying to be creative for creativity’s sake? or am I creative because I have a passion for the project I take on?” In my attempt to “Find Focus”, I think I’ve lost it altogether.

This radical question popped into my head as I stood in my bathroom last night trying to apply painter’s tape to the narrow mirror of my medicine cabinet (the vanity has two cabinet doors. One with a full size mirror and another quite narrow). Early on, when I first moved into my house I thought it would be such a great idea to paint this narrow mirror with chalkboard paint. That way I could leave messages with my roommates, leave reminders for myself, and have one of those eclectic bathrooms like you now see on Pinterest*. I kept seeing variations of this on various sites (Apartment Therapy, Design Sponge) so of course I HAD to try it (see *). But as I stood in my bathroom all these questions popped into my head. What do I do about the mirror reflecting behind the cabinet’s trim? What do I do with this once I no longer have a roommate? Am I painting this stupid mirror because I want to, or because six months ago I wanted to so I put it on a to-do lis and now I finally have some time and drive? In the end I ripped down the blue tape and decided to invest in erasable pen which will do the job just fine and leave my mirror unscathed.

*I have a love hate relationship with Pinterest. There are so many unique, fun, interesting, perfect ideas on Pinterest, of which I totally want to try (and many stupid ones that aren’t worth the memory they take up). But the shear fact that they are already there sort of makes the purpose of this blog obsolete. I want to share MY creative ideas. Not someone else’s! It makes me feel so much less an original.


On a completely separate note, I have finished baby blanket number three! And just in time. I dropped the blanket off at my friends’ Jen and Luke on Wednesday only to receive an email on Friday saying that Jen had given birth to a healthy baby boy. It turns out that Jen’s water had already broke when I stopped by their house to drop off the blanket but they were still waiting for the contractions to start. This will be my last blanket for a while. Future babies will get something else.



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