Cities of Culture and History: a photo walk through Prague and Paris.

I recently spend a total of two weeks traveling though the cities of Paris and Prague. I’ve taken trips to Europe before, so I was disappointed when the charm, culture and history of the surrounding streets didn’t strike me with the same magic as it had in the past. It’s not that I didn’t have fun or enjoy the time off, and I definitely enjoyed the excellent food and wine, pastries and chocolates, but remembering how captivated I was with my first trip across the Atlantic, I now question this long time love affair I’ve always thought I had with the old world. Am I so worldly now that, like a spoiled rich kid, I’m just “over Europe”? On to bigger and better things? I hope not. I do have a new found appreciation for my home and normal day-to-day life. A lesson I must not have learned as well as I thought on my second trip abroad. Regardless, one thing did not change –  my love of capturing the beauty wherever I visit. Please enjoy some of what I feel were the loveliest aspects of this most recent trip.






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