Last weekend I attended the How Design Live conference in Chicago and left with a load of renewed inspiration, not only for my work as a graphic designer, but also for creation in my free time. I always have at least 5 five projects going on at one time (most recently involving my house and garden), but also involving jewelry, handicrafts, and other this-and-thats. However, as of late my projects have felt more like chores than like fun. Perhaps the responsibility of owning a home has an added pressure of NEEDING to accomplish things rather than GETTING to accomplish what I like. Don’t get me wrong, gardening and home design are fabulous projects with tons of opportunity for personal style, but they are involved, expensive and it’s hard to live in a state of “renovation”.  That being said there are two other reasons for why I think my desire to create has been diminished.

One is that I lack focus. So many things interest me from day to day that I don’t always know what to work on. I’m so torn between arts and crafts or reading; fashion or gardening; writing or cooking; not to mention my desire to simply collect trinkets, pictures or quotes. These images and objects, whether created by me, other people or nature, sometimes define me better than I can define myself.

But, I digress.

The other reason why I’ve lost interest in creating is that I have no one to share my work with. I’m running out of wall, floor and storage space in my home, and I get bored before I can create enough of any on one thing to sell it (see above paragraph). I did once manage to create a series of artwork a few years ago and even showed in a couple boutiques, but nothing sold. I want my stuff to be easily accessible and see if other people enjoy what I create and find it as interesting as I do. That is why I’m starting this blog.

Finding Focus has two purposes. One is to keep me accountable for the projects I start and to help me find some sort of pattern in what interests me. The other to share my thoughts, creations, obsessions and personal gems with a larger audience than my 900 square foot home can attract. I’m interested in hearing constructive comments from anyone who happens to take interest in the things I share.

I know there are lots of blogs out there. Thank you for viewing mine.